Alicia Reid

Property Investment Department Manager

Driven, dedicated and empathetic are just some of the qualities behind Alicia's determined passion for excellence, which have seen her build a professional and dynamic business environment providing the highest possible levels of customer service at LJ Hooker Katherine.

As director and head of property management, Alicia's systematic overhaul of systems and processes have led to unprecedented improvements in time efficiency, customer communication and service levels, together with staffing organisation and productivity. Alicia's unique ability to both visualise and set business systems in place to achieve long term growth and goals has streamlined internal processes, in turn revolutionising customer relationships and establishing the business' reputation within the local community.

With an extensive background in both property management and leadership positions, Alicia's communication skills are unrivalled and her passion for excellence has translated across the office environment, resulting in.a tightly knit and results- driven team. Alicia's empathetic nature and emotional intelligence ensure that clients feel heard and understood, whilst Alicia works tirelessly to achieve the best possible results.

A rare combination of both a processed planner and big- picture visionary, Alicia's commitment to her clients, staff, the business and the local community ensure that the best possible results are delivered in a timely and consistent manner. Contact Alicia today to experience the LJ Hooker Katherine difference!